Fairly- traded mug from South Africa



Fairly- traded mug from South Africa


A Nice Cup of Tea


In Europe, the ‘fair trade’ movement began in the 1950s when Oxfam UK began to sell crafts made by Chinese refugees in its shops. In 1964 Oxfam created the first Fair Trade Organisation. Now, 1.65 million people worldwide are part of a certified Fair Trade scheme. This means that people are paid properly for their work and for their products. Fair Trade tea, coffee and chocolate are all growing in popularity.

South Africa Leads the Way
In 2015, students at Cape Town University in South Africa began to protest against the legacy of racial oppression at the University and in their curriculum. The first visible target was a statue of Cecil Rhodes, whose massive wealth was built on brutal conquest and ruthless exploitation in southern Africa. Inspired by their example, students at Oxford University called for the removal of the statue of Cecil Rhodes on the front of Oriel College’s High Street buildings. Other aspects of the Oxford ‘Rhodes Must Fall’ campaign included an appeal that black, asian and minority ethnic students be better represented in the University, and that subject courses be ‘decolonised’, i.e. expanded beyond traditional narrow European-focused boundaries.   In 2020, Oriel College are reviewing the disucssions around removal of the statue of Rhodes. 

This cup is part of the 'A Nice Cup of Tea' handling collection held at the Museum of Oxford and collected through the 'A Nice Cup of Tea' project.


A Nice Cup of Tea project, with Mimi Goodall, Elisabeth Grass, and photographer Fran Monks


Museum of Oxford




Angeli Vaid and Myfanwy Lloyd, oxfordartsconsultants.co.uk


A Nice Cup of Tea, Fran Monks

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