Mixing Matters

Mixing Matters is a project celebrating the rich culinary heritage of Oxford's communities.

Started through a partnership with the Oxford Hindu Temple & Community Centre Project, it has involved three other community groups. Participants brought food-related objects which carried meaningful memories, which they shared with others. Inspired by the objects, participants created collaborative art pieces. Favourite recipes were also shared during the sessions. At the end of the project, participants cooked their favourite foods and shared them in a community feast, open to all.

Participating community groups:

Filipino Community of Oxfordshire (winter 2019/20) https://www.filcomoxford.org.uk/

African Families in the UK - Women of the World Space (spring 2020) http://www.africanfamilies.co.uk/

Oxford Hindu Temple & Community Centre Project (summer 2020) http://www.oxfordhindutemple.org/

Oxfordshire Nepalese Community (summer 2020) http://www.oxfordnepalese.org/