Sandok (in Tagalog), luwag (in Ilonggo)


Sandok (in Tagalog), luwag (in Ilonggo)


This spoon belongs to Jong Hernaez, an Oxford resident and cookware business owner.

"It was made by my father-in-law, Ludovico Hernaez, in the 1990s. He made it by hand using a coconut shell and bamboo - materials found near his house. It is used as a ladle or serving spoon back home in Negros Philippines."


Story recorded for the Mixing Matters project.

Voice recording: Jong talking about the sandok.

Photos, top to bottom:
- Jong's artwork inspired by her sandok, created in a workshop run as part of the Mixing Matters project by Oxford artist Dionne Freeman
- The sandok and Jong's artwork
- Jong Hernaez, portait taken by Oxford photographer Fran Monks


Jong Hernaez


Jong Hernaez
Museum of Oxford


Jong Hernaez
Museum of Oxford

Alt text

1: collage of food with large white spoon in the middle, words 'delicious', 'flavour'
2: black spoon with wooden handle, masking tape, drawing of that spoon
3: woman smiling, white dress, red velvet embroidered jacket on shoulders, pearl necklace, bracelet and earrings, black background
4: white spoon, wooden handle, blue background

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