Oxford Re-Formed

Since the Reformation in the early sixteenth century, Oxford’s community, culture, and cityscape have been repeatedly transformed by various moments of religious upheaval. The lives, debates, and conflicts of both the Protestant and Catholic Reformations have been represented, revised, and retold across the city’s buildings and monuments over the last four centuries.

Oxford Re-Formed tells this story. The exhibition explores the evolution of the visual and material traces of the Reformation in Oxford’s cityscape, showcasing public buildings and monuments, as well as artefacts that are not usually on public display.

Curated by Christopher Archibald (Faculty of English, New College), Anna Clark (Faculty of History, St John's College), Susan Doran (Faculty of History, Jesus College and St Benet’s Hall), Paulina Kewes (Faculty of English, Jesus College), and William Whyte (Faculty of History, St John's College).

Generously supported by Jesus College, Oxford and the Faculty of History, University of Oxford, and by the team at the Museum of Oxford.