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Top photo: Queering Spires zine making session with MyNormal
Bottom photo: evening show of Come In, Oxford -a verbatim play inspired by Queering Spires

The original exhibition was displayed in the Town Hall gallery, while the main museum space was being refurbished. When the Museum of Oxford re-opened following the 3-year transformation, we featured a display of some key Queering Spires objects.…

history of acc.wav
Jawaid Malik talks about how the Asian Cultural Centre was set up and the kinds of events that the centre runs for the community.

Jawaid Malik is the chairman of the management board of the Asian Cultural centre. Zaheer Qureshi is a trustee of Cowley Road Works and a treasurer at the Asian Cultural Centre.

The Central Oxford Mosque on Manzil Way.Click here to go back

Asian Cultural Centre in the former chapel of the old workhouse on Manzil Way.Click here to go back
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